Monday, April 5, 2010

My Favourite Sport

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Let's direct to the topic..My favourite sport is volleyball..That's my lovely game since I was in primary school..Masa sekolah menengah,lebih bergiat aktif dalam bola tampar..Bagi saya,this game can be played by any persons walau diorg x de basic..

Dulu when I was in MCKK,everyone played this game..sangat seronok..This is an exciting game..bagi saya,game ni x penat cuma memerlukan skills dari setiap member group..
Dig,Sett,Spike..That's the basic thing in volleyball..If you have these 3 skills,you can be a good volleyballers..tapi,belum cukup lagi..defence kena bgus..kna pndai maen tipu..kalau anda tinggi mcm mana pon,anda senang kna tipu ngan org pendek..Psychology is the important element..Be strong in game..Jgn cpat give up..

I love to play volleyball and i miss my ex-college guys are superb..

hey..Look at the pic..This is my volleyball team with our juniors..seronok dapat jadi coach untuk diorg..I miss that time..Ingat kena lari bangunan Big School..pumping,semua tu to increase our stamina..

Hey you guys..remember that the time when we had a competition for kuala Kangsar District level..Oh my God..although we lost for final match,we had try our best..To Zaid,you are a nice captain..I was as left spikers..and many more..Ed,Pelong.Apek,Joy..Miss u guys..

I forgot something..bsukan pon bsukan jgak..kesihatan kena jaga..Hey,I use adids product kay..My Sport shoes and many more..Adidas is the best product!!Love adidas!!

The End..

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