Thursday, July 22, 2010

Branded Clothes @ Pasar Malam n Bundle Shop..

since I was kid, I always think..
why there are many peoples like to wear branded clothes..
sometimes, I felt that they just wasted their money..
just to buy some branded clothes that they wanted..

Day by day ,month by month and year by year,
I become more open-minded..
Now, I know that why they are prefer to wear branded clothes..

It is a satisfaction..
Majority of younger peoples nowadays know about the branded clothes..
Prada,Zara,Gucci,Topman and list goes on..

Sometimes do you feel that all of these are not worthwhile..
Sometimes, the clothes that we bought at Pasar Malam or Bundle Shop..
is much prettier than the branded one..

Have you ever seen some people wear the branded clothes,
but they looks like an ordinary people who wear cheap clothes..

For me, yeah.. I admit that i like branded clothes too..
but,not all my clothes are branded..
Sometimes, the cheaper one is better than the expensive one..
Do you agree with me?

If you are good in carrying yourself in front of peoples,
peoples do not look at your clothes..
They always can accept on what you wear..

p/s my entry is in English as i should take action on my bad English performance..Sorry for broken English..I try to do better next time..

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Cahaya-Bagaimanakah rupa kebesarannya? Jom kita menghayatinya bersama! ^_^