Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Congrats Harimau Malaya.. You show to the world,we are able too!!

Praise to Allah for giving us a big victory tonight!!

Congratulations to our Harimau Malaya team!!

All of you played with an amazing and good skills!!

You guys make all of Malaysian proud of..

We have shown to the world that we are able too..

We are champion!!

forever and ever!!


Tok Esah said...

yeah!!! tahniah malaysia!!!

Tahniah Malaysia Juara, Esok Cuti??

JR Shoppe said...

Semua blog ucap tahniah kpd team Malaysia, tapi entry aku pulak ucap tahniah kpd team Indonesia?

whitecappuccino said...

Yeah!! that's the spirit!! Malaysia boleh!!