Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Second Entry in English.. Do you love cats as well as me? It's cute,right?

Assalamualaikum and good morning to all..

This is my second time actually,
I am posting something in English..
I hope that It will not give any obstacles or difficulties to all my readers..

I need to improve my English levels and skills
I have only one and half year more before I'll join the world of jobs..
So,I need to brush up my English as well as my Bahasa Melayu..

Do you love cats??

I love cats so much..
-because they are so cute
-sometimes,they are more understanding about our feelings
-Cats are the animals that loved most by our Prophet..

Wan also had cats before..but now, i do have none..
I like parsian cats because of its fur
but, it's price is too expensive..

btw,do you like cats??
have a cat is just like have a priceless and valuable thing..


sy!ka said...

wah...prefer kitten...:)

Izamir Ridzwan said...

IR syg kucing jugak.. IR bela 6 ekor..

ateeka amer said...

hm apsal ko tak hantar entry ni kat sue anna joe, arituh dia kata nak baca dan komen entry2 readers dia yang buat entry dalam english

whitecappuccino said...

Yeah! I love cats too..they are sooo adorable!

NajwaNadia^.^ said...

I didn't remember my live living without cats. Well, since I was young, and until now, there will always cats at home. hehe..