Monday, February 21, 2011

Salute to Betty suarez : A good worker, daughter and sister

hye guys and girls..
My post is in English as I try to improve my English level..
I hope you all support me okay!!although my English is quite broken..

Do you know Betty Suarez or have you watched Ugly Betty Drama Series?

This is her..Betty Suarez!!

For me,she's a good daughter,sister and worker..
She's good at work and at home..

Although she's not good in wearing something.but she's good in fashion world..
She has lots of knowledge about fashion and always up to date..
She's work at Mode..I think that's the best achievement for her..

actors and actress in Ugly Betty..

Betty is always support other peoples..
Betty can handle her problems properly and nicely..
For me,although Betty is just a character in drama and not in a reality life,
but I salute her coz she bring herself very good in that drama

She has impressed me and give me a lot of inspiration in my life..
to Betty Suarez!! Salute to you!!

both are cute and beautiful for me..that the real and fake one!!


Bro Fit said...

kalau nampak girl tak lawa tu tak semestinya dia tak lawa.. yang tak lawa tu lah sebenarnya lebih lawa dari girl2 yang lain.. tak gitu :)

- -

whitecappuccino said...

Heard about this drama before but haven't got the chance to watch it..sounds interesting.

JEFRI said...

salam singgah...i am as well a big fan of the series..sadly that the series is more betty suarez...4 musim jek bertahan coz dengarnye produser kot dah bengang ngan industri donlod sehingga menjejaskan rating itu penting utk ending musim 4 a.k.a finale is mabeles! as promised by the produser/scriptwriter.

Deeyaudeen Sabri said...

u're such a nice guy wan ! hehe..

awEEN said...

since ur entry is written in english so, i'll try comment to this entry using english. i mean broken english hehe...

i've heard from many people talk about the wonderful attitude that betty have and amazing people surrounding her. but, i'm still not yet watch this telemovie.. =)

Nawal Atifah said...

i also want to comment this post in english lah..hehe..i love to watch this drama..but only had a chance to watched until 2nd season..just half of the season..huhu..where can i download this drama eh? you have any link? ^^~

JEFRI said...

gigih promosi ni. sape nak donlod ugly betty kat sini ek.godek2 la mana patut. tq

Along Usop said...

never seen that picture of Suarez..

and i never expected that she has that decent look!.. =)

Nawal Atifah said...

thanx jefri.. ^^~

Redbloodsnow said...

tak pernah aku tgk drama nih..huhu :P

Shafiq said...

I've heard about this drama series. Even though I never had chance to watch it, but still I can see the message behind this story. Don't judge a book by it's cover. :-) By the way Rozuan, your English is not bad. :-) It's okay for us to make mistakes, after all, we are not an English native speaker. :-)