Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Too Much Formulae.. Pray for My Exam tonight!!

***Kepada semua follower,maaf diucapkan kerana jarang blogwalking..busy dengan exam.. 

Good evening
Now,I am studying for tonight exam..

That's is Biometry Paper..
It's all about statistics and since I was in secondary school,
I felt so afraid with the word "statistics"..

Correlation,regression,ANOVA,and whatever..
It's so hard and difficult..
Tonight,I will face this paper patiently..

Lots of formulae to memorize..Lots of steps to know..
I just wanna share what i feel right now..
I feel so afraid and my heart is like falling away like leaves..
Oh my God,Help me for tonight..

To all,pray for my luck k!!


hakeem kira said...

gud luck wan !

Aimifiqa said...

All da best!! Man Jadda Wa Jadda. Bertawakal itu penting!

Qaseh dalia adelia said...

gud luck ok..jgn lupe bace doa2 sebelum jawab !

Shafiq said...

Good luck! :-)

aCu said...

biometry? huhuhu. subjek paling dibenci budak bio. all da best wanje!

qasehraihan said...

gud luck wan..

zacky ~786~ said...

gud luck wan..~!!

nelly said...

Gud luck ! Buat yang terbaik ..