Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fashion : 10 Simple tips to look as a Rock Star at Your Function!!

Hey yo guys..well tonight our college will have our annual Dinner..
The dinner theme for this year is "Rock Star & Masquerade"
By the way,I will focus on how to look as a Rock Star in a simple way..

Here is what to look out for to have true rock star style: 

  • 1. THE SKINNY JEANS. Unless you are going for the hippie rock star look, the jeans must be the skinny type. Leggings will do. Also: nothing is worse than a fat rock star. Go on a diet, for crying out loud!

  • 2. THE STUDDED BRACELET or anything studded. An easy way to say: rock 'n' roll.

  • 3. DOC MARTENS BOOTS. It's the boot to have. Nothing rocks & kicks butt more. The Converse sneaker can be used during Summer instead.

  • 4. EMBROIDERED ROCK PATCHES. Frankly if your wardrobe is too clean it does not come across well here, so you need to spice things up a bit. The best way to do that is to add some patches to your jacket or pants, you gain instant rock cred.

  • 5. MOTORCYCLE LEATHER JACKET. Yeap, it's true - without this rock essential your look just won't come together. If you must trade the leather, opt for denim. The Ramones proof this every day.

  • 6. TOP HAT. No clue why this item rocks but it does. Put it on and see yourself transforming from a gray mouse existence to the glamorous VIP appearance. If you can't get your hands on one, go with a Fedora, that will do.

  • 7. PRINTED ROCK ICON T-SHIRT - OR T-SKIRT. Try to hang on to a true rock star, that is a sure way to gain recognition for your look, don't be shy!

8. THE HAIR. Although not a clothing piece, an essential. Must be long & full or short & spiky. It must be messy or else you won't qualify - no way! And don't forget to put on some shades...

  • 9. RUFFLED SHIRT OR BOW TIE SHIRT. This type of shirt reminds everybody of Jimi Hendrix or Prince and is sure to add rock star flavor, especially on a man.

  • 10. SOMETHING GLITTERY. That can be make-up (together with a nice dark eye) or a sparkling fabric. Always remember: sparkle is glam.

Alright then, you are ready to go out and be a star! A rock star that is.


Mainur Hasnah said...

pic atas tu.. gaya malam ni la ke?

sicomot-comel said...

PCB nak jadi rock star ke mlm ni??huk3

aqim said...

seluar skinny d best..haha..

Shafiq said...

Rockers rock! :-)

Shamsuddin Amin said...

tips yg begune...^^