Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Segment | From Penulis Senja

hye and good evening everybody.. Sorry,I need to write in English.I do not know why but I have to..By the way,thanks Penulis Senja for inviting me to join this segment..

Anyone who want to join this segment,just click on the banner above!

What is my opinion about Penulis Senja's Blog?

He's good with his writing.. has lots of creative ideas to write anything he thinks or sees in the form of poem or "puisi".. Not everybody has that talent to be good in writing. I can't say too much because I think he better than me.. He works hard on his blog everyday and he deserves to get better achievement in blogger arena in the future..To Penulis Senja, all the best!!

I do not want to tag anyone.If you are interested,let join this segment together with me!!

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Shafiq said...

Your English is good. :-)