Sunday, May 1, 2011


When mom said, " don't do this!"
I will do that
When mom said "do the good deed!"
I do the bad thing.
When mom prepares me lunch or dinner.
I say it's not delicious at all

When mom plants trees,
I throws the plants out,
When mom is sleeping,
I speaks loudly; so that mom will awake. naughty I am when I was child
make mom sad,
make mom depressed,
make mom cried all the time.

When I am grown up,everything is changed.
I want to do anything for my mom.
because mom had done everything for me.

Mom is a good wife
Mom is a good mother.
Mom is a good worker to me during my child
mom washes my clothes,mom prepares me food
mom take cares of my health,
mom helps me on my lesson in school.

Today,you are about 61 years old
20 years you are patient with my naughtiness.

Thanks mom for your understanding.
To mom,Happy Labor Day.
Your job as a mom to me is the nicest and noblest job in the world!

Love you Mom

p/s sorry for my grammar mistake.I still learn to write in English.


y u y u Z u l a i k h a said...

pehhhh! ini sangat sweet! <3

Rozuan Ismail said...

@y u y u Z u l a i k h a


.........cP~ said...


ada baca kat mak tak ni? kalau baca kat mak lagi sweet..hehe

Rozuan Ismail said...


haha..malu la nak baca kat mak..

y u y u Z u l a i k h a said...

pok cik piano, boleh tak bagi link kat yuyu yang entry nak tukar emaik blog tu? yang tuka ke gmail tu~ pelis.

b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

aku jugak sayang mak aku

Rozuan Ismail said...


brutal tetap brutal.tapi tetap sayang mak.

awEEN said...

oohooo..suwwweeettt ^___^

sabrina said...

wah..sweet nya...sekrg ni dah jarang dah orang yang nak hargai mak diaorng...

Rozuan Ismail said...


ramai je sabrina..cuma mereka malu.dah besar kan

zacky ~786~ said...

so sweet :)

whitecappuccino said...

I would be really touched if I were your mom..very sweet!

s1t1 2uL41k4 said...

nice one! good job bro..

KyêrulL said...

huwaaaa sweetnya... :)

Rozuan Ismail said...


x delah kayif.biase2 je