Wednesday, March 7, 2012


a very pleasant evening.

Let's look on the quote above. "a real man doesn't love million girls. He loves One girl in a millipn ways". erti kata lain setia. love a girl disebabkan dari hati, not just for fun or anything else.

Let's back to reality. I pernah look on a couple. put aside about religion (of course it is haram sebab bersentuhan sebab diorang belum kahwin), I want to focus on the eye's of the man. Let's imagine, tangan dok pegang awek dia, at the same time, mata meliar dekat perempuan lain. kesian betol awek die.haha.

I said many more. Hati girls is so soft like wet tissue. Once you broken it, there is no second chance. So, just setia pada yang satu. jangan nak mata keranjang sangat ye =). Show them that you love them.

How to show you love your girls so much?

I think most of you are more expert than me. Of course lots of ways. bagi bunga ros merah, spend some money on what she likes and bla bla bla. no matter what your ways to show your love, the most important thing is setia ( i forgot actually the word setia in English.. maybe loyal =) )

notakakiPCB: saje action cakap omputeh. grammar hancur.ada mak kesah?


che'pi said...

A man who love a girl a millions way should be love by a girl who love a man a millions way

Shafiq said...

Grammar hancur tak apa.Asalkan ada usaha nak belajar. :-) Try to be a loyal one..hehehe

Abang Zam said...

hai orang putih. kahkahkah

KiD said...

kena buat assignment ke nih wan?